¿ What is

It is an integrated solution based on the automatic location of recreational vessels, using GPS (“Global Positionning System”), cellular technology GSM (“Global System for Mobile communication”) and Satellite Communications System via Inmarsat. Inmarsat.

Network coverage

GSM: 8 Miles along the coast
SATELLITE: Global coverage

System Composition

Communication System
Terminal in the Boat
Control Platform
With security alarms reported with sms/e-mail
With access via the Internet
¿What does

  • GPS "Global Position System" System, for positioning
  • Communication:
    • GPRS/SMS for areas with GSM network coverage
    • Inmarsat D+ for Global Network Coverage
  • Accessories:
    • Display for messages
    • Various sensors
  • Access to the Information via the Internet and mobile telephony
  • Worldwide mapping
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